Celebrated artist ~ Jacqueline Kent was born in London, England.  From an early age, she has resided in Canada and she now makes London, Ontario her home.

Entirely self-taught, she established a reputation as a gifted, character design artist, becoming well known for her true-to-life sculptures, in particular, her distinguished Father Christmas’s and signature Fairy Godmothers.  By the mid-‘90’s, she was empowered by an enormous following in the giftware and collectibles industry and she began searching for a means to satisfy the needs of an ever-increasing market. She successfully entered the mass production industry and began delighting a growing audience with, not only her one-of-a-kind sculptures, but with a vast array of captivating reproductions.   

More recently, by 2010, her ‘passion for fashion’ becomes a driving force!  Taking advantage of her hands-on experience and expanding knowledge in the industry, she triumphantly launches a line of jewellery.  With encouragement and support from two leading distributors, Kurt S. Adler in the U.S.A. and Winward Silks Inc., in Canada, she is soon working with 31 factories in the Orient, ensuring top quality and diversity in her lines.  “Jacqueline Kent’s Inner Circle, Inc.” becomes the heart of the brand!

Today, Jacqueline is proud to bring home to Canada, a collection of timeless favourites and fairy tale classics!  Her trend-setting jewelry lines feature a dynamically styled array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, from delicate to bold, carefree to classic, with hand crafted Swarovski elements, for stylish expressions.  Attractive hair accessories and eye catching scarves, in a kaleidoscope of colours, have been exclusively designed to embellish your look.  Her latest craze, “Instantly Cute!” features bold, yet chic wigs, not only fashionable but fun, much like her personality!  

“Jacqueline Kent!” - A name, an idea, a design, a collection!